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🌸The Core Principles of Green Events Explained by TDGAsia

🌿 Unlock the secrets to hosting eco-friendly events with TDGAsia, a GreenEvent company!

🌿🌐 Delve into the heart of sustainable event planning with us. Our team is equipped with a comprehensive execution to the 360-degree approach in all areas of event planning. 🌸📖 

Explore the breakdown of core and practices that truly embody the essence of a 'green' event. 💚✨ 

Here’s a  sneak peek at the tools we use, they are ‘Sustainable Screen Eco Panel’, ‘Green Lens’, ‘Virtual Vista’, F&B with ESG in Mind, and Eco-Friendly Door Gifts. 

Join us on the journey towards more sustainable and impactful events! 🌿💡

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