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How To Set Up An Event Live Stream?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Here at TDG Asia, we are your one-stop solution to all your virtual event needs. You must be wondering, how do we manage to bring a physical event online? Let us show you a sneak peek of how we do it!

1. Setting up the event space

If you have a remote presenter, you can conduct your event using various video platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.! All you need to have is the bandwidth for proper audio and video, this would require a hardline connection of 10Mbps upload and download speeds minimum.

You can present Powerpoint slides by streaming through an in-house laptop while still presenting a live video image of your presenter. Here you would need 2 laptops, a primary show laptop to mirror a second laptop’s display and a duplicate of what’s going out to the main screens. Then, connect that second laptop to the Zoom/Hangouts meeting, so the presenter at home can see what the audience sees.

Here are some things you would need:

  • Zoom/Hangouts account

  • At least Two laptops

  • A wireless presenter which has two USB outs to control two laptops at the same time

  • A moderator to manage the external connections.

  • Network switch to allow two laptops to use one hardline connection

2. Engaging your audience

Most importantly, you would want your audience to experience the conference as if they were there, which means a multi-camera feed and a steady internet connection is ideal.

Here are some things you would need:

  • Multiple cameras that feed into a video switcher

  • Broadcast video switcher

  • Live stream show laptop

  • Miscellaneous adapters/devices

  • Video broadcast technician

A technician will be able to switch between cameras and slides to offer picture-in-picture and full screen views to your audience. However, depending on the live streaming platforms you use, it’s important to know how to utilize the tools and know how to handle the potential problems like broadcasting issues, playback errors, connection issues, any of these can result in a poor viewing experience.

Here are the some of the video shooting services we provide: ️️ > Product video ️️ > Personal / Corporate Branding video ️️ > Testimonial video ️️ > Educational video ️️ > Animation ️️ > Event Coverage ️️ > Live streaming For any shooting service, please contact our team for more details. Click the link below to schedule a FREE DEMO now!

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